JConcepts B5M, Aero Front Scoop


Adjustments are key in today’s racing scene and JConcepts has responded to numerous demands with another aero option. With a great deal of success in the early 2000’s, including an IFMAR World Championship to its credit, the front scoop option for a buggy has already shown success. However, this key option part used during the 2005 Worlds has never been made available to the latest generation buggies, until now.

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Available : July 2, 2016


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Available : Jun 25, 2016


★ pure racer, further evolution TRF419. Including the double deck of the carbon-made 2.15mm thickness Roy & 2.0mm upper, front and rear bulkhead, motor mount, change the materials and shapes, such as servo mount. ★ it was even more to stabilize the behavior of turning through the use of a big bore damper and new rear upright of Super Short. ※ use propoxycarbonyl: ESC with 2-channel R

Source : Tamiya

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Available : Jun 18, 2016

★シャフト4WDの最新モデルが登場です。アルミ製2mm厚ロワとカーボン製2mm厚アッパーのダブルデッキフレームを採用し、カーペットコースなどハイグリップ路面に対応。★モーターは左サイドに横置きし、専用設計のアルミセンターバルクヘッドによりスパーギヤやマイターギヤの支持剛性を高め、ブレの低減と耐久性を向上。※使用プロポ:エクスペックGT-I 2.4G(電動RCカー用セット)

★ is the latest model of the shaft 4WD appeared. Adopted a double deck frame of aluminum 2mm thick Roy and carbon steel 2mm thick upper, corresponding to the high grip road surface such as carpet course. ★ motor is placed next to the left side, enhance the support rigidity of the spur gear and Maitagiya by aluminum center bulkhead of dedicated design, improve the reduction and durability of the shake. ※ use propoxycarbonyl: Aix-spec GT-I 2.4G (electric RC car for the set)

Source : Tamiya

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Muchmore MR-TTM2 Tweak Master Ver.2


Muchmore Racing with World Champion Marc Rheinard has developed the ‘Tweak Master V2’ optimized branding.
Tweak Master V2 is catch to tweak of the chassis, easy and accurate.
Chassis tweak is basic and very important set up.

TweakMaster Ver.2 add to 3 holes.

(Antenna pipe hole, Motor mount post hole, Spur gear hole)

Red Aluminum Cap is Muchmore Original Logo inscribed.

Include 4 cushions to protect the Tweak Board.

The Tweak Master V2 included artificial leather carrying bag.
It is kept the Tweak Born & Tweak Board.

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XRAY RX8’16 the New 1/8 Luxury Nitro Race Car


2016 NEW:
• All-new aluminum backbone
• All-new chassis
• All-new aluminum front & rear bulkheads
• All-new aluminum 2-speed bulkheads
• All-new aluminum front & rear upper clamps
• All-new aluminum front upper arm holders
• All-new front middle shaft holder
• All-new graphite radio plate & Multi-Flex™
• All-new aluminum radio plate mounts

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Muchmore 3D Cooling Fan Guard (40X40mm)


Muchmore Racing 3D cooling fan guard conducted by
World champion Marc Rheinard and real race driver through several tests, made it optimized design.

Valid 40mm cooling fan, 3D design protect cooling fan under any circumstances.
3D Aluminum Cooling Fan Guard made by full aluminum is lightweight, 3.3g (0.117z).

This item protects from any external damage to the fans and/or the fan blades, that can be caused by small debris.
(not inclued cooling fan and screw)

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Pro-line 1973 Ford Bronco Clear Body for 12″ (305mm) Wheelbase Rock Crawler


Pro-Line is pleased to announce the release of the 1973 Ford® Bronco body for 1:10 Rock Crawlers. Pro-Line has captured the overall essence of the Bronco and have now made it available in 1:10 scale format for 12” wheelbase Rock Crawlers! Complete with detailed grill, headlights, body molding trim, and that original distinct Bronco look, classic truck scalers will not want to be left behind.

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