Serpent Support Program Benelux is proud to present two new drivers for the 2016 season

During the 2015 season we kept an eye on what was going on in the Benelux 1:8 scale offroad scene. This results in to signing two new young drivers, Brian Klarenbeek (NL) and Colin Meijer (NL).
Brian is the Dutch Truggy Master champion 2015 and Colin a promise for the future with also better and better race results each race.

We did not look only at the results but also at the presentation as driver for the brands they ran during the previous years. Both drivers come with 2 nice additions, both dad’s are excellent mechanics and this completes the works race team as we like it to see.

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Exotek D413 ALLOY REAR HUB SET, 7075


Heavy duty 7075 alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting for the D413.
Conventional upright ball design for precise and easy roll center adjustments.
Extra durable but machined to be lightweight and is machined a second time to insure precise bearing fit.
Requires D413 6MM BALL STUD (112727) and D413 BALL CUPS (112724).
Includes (2) 2mm alloy spacers to match the stock geometry.
Allows an optional 3mm set screw (not included) on the hinge pin for improved hinge pin fit.
Polished and anodized in factory orange.

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High performance machined POM spur gears for all Exotek slipper eliminator hubs.
Our spur gears are 100% machined POM to insure true roundness, with extra interior machining to reduce overall weight for reduced rotating mass. Much stiffer and truer than molded nylon spur gears.
Requires 3- M3x6 button head screws (not included).

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XRAY New XB2 Ball Adjustable Differential – Set


#325000 Ball Adjustable Differential – Set – HUDY Spring Steel™

• For very-low to medium traction tracks
• Increases traction
• Externally adjustable
• HUDY Spring Steel™
• Additionally hardened
• Extra durable
• Long lifespan
• Ultra-smooth operation
• Factory pre-assembled

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Tamiya Racing Fighter DT-03 Chassis


Available Apr 2, 2016

★ロングホイールベース・ワイドトレッドにより高い走行安定性を発揮するDT-03シャーシ採用のニューバギーが登場です。★実車を思わせるシャープなフォルムが特徴。★足まわりは接地性にすぐれた4輪ダブルウィッシュボーン。★ブラックカラーのスターディッシュホイールにフロント・リブタイヤ、リヤ・スパイクタイヤを装着しました。※使用プロポ:ファインスペック 2.4G 電動RCドライブセット [Item 45053]

★ Long wheelbase · DT-03 chassis adoption of new buggy to exhibit a high running stability by the wide tread is the appearance. ★ sharp form features reminiscent of a real car. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is with superior ground of ★. ★ front Ributaiya to black color of the star dish wheels, was fitted with a rear tire spikes. ※ use propoxycarbonyl: Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set [Item 45053]

Source : Tamiya

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XRAY New XB2 Graphite Extensions For Steering Block 2.5mm


#322291 Graphite Extension for Steering Block 2.5mm – 1 Slot (2)
#322292 Graphite Extension for Steering Block 2.5mm – 0 Slots (2)
#322290 Graphite Extension for Steering Block 2.5mm – 2 Slots (2) – standard

• Steering block graphite extensions
• L or R sides
• Easy Ackermann adjustment
• Works on all surfaces and track conditions
• 3 different options for fine tuning

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XRAY Support At 2016 TITC


XRAY is proud to announce that the 2016 Thailand International Touring Car Championship will be supported by XRAY and the XRAY Thai distributor Asia Model. XRAY guarantees that their service team will also be available with a complete range of all spare parts and will provide technical and set-up help to all XRAY drivers.

We are happy to announce that the XRAY factory team drivers Alex Hagberg & Bruno Coelho will be at the event available again for technical and set-up help to everyone so come to learn the pro driver tips and tricks.

Drivers will be able to enjoy the famous XRAY Work.Shop on 23. February in the evening. Alex & Bruno will show you how to set-up your T4.

All XRAY drivers will receive a FREE promo package that includes XRAY T-shirt and stickers.

Source : XRAY

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ATOM and Murray win BRCA GT12 National Round 2


Last weekend saw the second round of the 2016 BRCA GT12 National Championship, at the recently opened MB Models Raceway. With 98 drivers booked in, this event was probably the largest and most competitive race GT12 has ever seen.

For the Schumacher team, this was a greatly anticipated race, as the first big event since the ATOM was released a couple of weeks ago.

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