Pre-mounted Foam Tires for the Mini-T

Foam Tires have long been the choice of carpet racers and now Team Losi offers has them for the Mini-T. With the winter upon us indoor carpet racing becomes the primary form of enjoyment for many of us. Now you can enjoy racing your Mini-T on carpet tracks with these new specially developed foam rubber racing tires. After testing the best of the various hi-tech rubber compounds from around the world, the Team Losi development team has settled on these particular front and rear tires for the best all around handling and wear. These tires are firmly glued on precision molded wheels and then ground and trued to exacting specifications for unmatched performance. The combination of the front and rear compounds offer the feel and drivability needed for racing on carpet surfaces and react predictably when tire additives are used. Look for these and other exciting Mini-T performance parts in early 2004 at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

LOSB1141 Front U45 Foam Tires w/Yellow rims $13.99
LOSB1144 Rear J40 Foam Tires w/Yellow rims $13.99

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