Losi Mini T – 2 New Product

CVD’s for the Mini-T

Team Losi listened to the serious racers out there and now offer genuine MIP made CVD for the Mini-T. The LOSB1240 CVD set includes precision-machined CVD type Driveshaft, axles, and all hardware similar to those used on larger models raced around the world. You can expect the same performance, tight tolerances, and quality fit found on all MIP made CVD.

Mini-Titanium for the Mini-T

Team Losi now offers trick Titanium turnbuckles for their Mini-T stadium truck. These precision-machined left/right threaded turnbuckles are just like those used on larger racing vehicles. The lightweight and extreme strength of Titanium is second only to the convenience of the left & right threads on either side that allows for quick and easy adjustment. These cool looking turnbuckles are used with the stock ball cups and are available in a complete set with an adjusting wrench or in pairs by size.

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