HPI Pro 4 – Assemble Tips 6

Tips are translated from Japanese to English, therefore some wording are hard to understand. Please try you best to read. (Have some guess!!) Thanks to HPI R&D Cafe Japan

It supplements concerning the wheel hub of Pro4

It is Tips regarding the aluminum hexagonal hub which some days ago is introduced, but you can apply to some product, or because perhaps, the hub will not there was also a part which is difficult to understand, details are explained.
Item turn: 72036
Item name: Aluminum 6 angular hub (clamp type /6mm/4 entrance)
Price: ?@1,980

Because it is something which such as former Pro3 for most HPI touring cars is used, the one which has been used with Pro3 and the like using that, is OK.

The center pin of Pro4

In the chassis of Pro4 it is designed in such a way that it can install the center pin. Perhaps, (the customer who becomes aware has already installed, don’t you think?)
Trying being able to send, when cornering left and right balance is bad, the position of a vessel’s helm left and right differs largely, we recommend that the center pin is installed!
The center pin is 73512 (the brace/battery mount/gauge set). It has belonged to the kit, but you take and with theory you have reached the point where you do not install.
It can adjust the chassis roll by the fact that the center pin is installed. When the center pin is installed, the quantity of the chassis roll decreases substantially and becomes difficult to receive the influence of the chassis roll.
But, when it is everything in, because the person who installs the center pin does not limit is good with, the variety please try trying as a portion of setting.

About the universal shaft specification modification of Pro4

We informed already on HP, but from the kit of February production amount in Pro4 standard the universal shaft which is equipped from MIP make CVD is modified to those of original design. Why selling, although it is prompt, doing specification modification? With you think the doubt which is said that also the one which leans comes, but we would like to explain with the latest R&D coffee this specification concerning the reason which is modified.

This time the universal shaft in from MIP make modifying in those of original design
It became, the biggest reason, when MIP make CVD being necessary, is because it becomes difficult to sell necessary number. Already the aluminum bone of the spare part absence of stock state continuously the time, has put great annoyance on the customer. As known, it imports MIP make CVD from USA. Because of that time is required for transport. Furthermore rather than from order to the delivered item arranging in the Japanese country, many times are required. Because the MIP corporation has managed CVD of many manufacturers, perhaps there is a circumstance where production is not in time. It was not possible above this to continue, the circumstance which cannot deliver the product which the customer desires at a suitable time stabilized and it had decided to produce the universal shaft of the original design which can supply in the Japanese country.

There is no big difference in CVD of MIP make and efficiency of the universal shaft of original design. It sells also the bone of the steel make whose request from the customer is many simultaneously. The bone of the aluminum belongs to one for race/lace in the kit, but the aluminum make bone it is easy bending with crash is certain. Furthermore as for usual practice the steel make bone or only the front the steel make bone etc. various it reaches the point where it can correspond to the needs of the customer.

Being not to be please acknowledge the compatibility of the part in the universal shaft of MIP make CVD and original design.

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