HPI – Challenge 2004

HPI – Challenge 2004

2004 February 15th (day) air temperature 25 degree in the climate where the feeling which makes early summer think is good, in capital city Bangkok of the tie it is due to HPI sponsorship, “HPI challenge” was held. It is proud of the equipment of the immense circuit and worldwide prominence that it has become the stage “RC SQURE”. The tie country from the first, there was the entry entire spirit 74 from Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong etc.. It was one day which showed the big crowd to opening of long-awaited HPI challenge in Thai.

As for becoming the stage, “RC SQUARE”. The abundant stock, it is outside EP and GP circuit travelling possible RC private course.

Attracted the attention of general one in just the circuit which is in the section of the mall.

The street stall was opened in the circuit, tie home cooking behaved.

In the appearance of PRO4 and R40 of both drivers which already show the potential with many measure races/laces without circumstance, being also race/lace to rush at a stroke to the full throttle, it did. With the latest race/lace, somewhat it is attention even in the MEEN player of 18 the GP scene of the tie is pulled years old. Expectation depends on the growth of the driver which already experiences worldwide game in 10 years old. While also many support drivers have participated even, most pouring attention, the hero pickpocket Caen player of the tie (the rice field shrine)! The eye could not separate the confrontation of the champion of the world of the field player and the pickpocket Caen player who have shown numerous name game.

Also the Miura player participates! It is the player of large popularity even with the tie.

The field player who desired with thorough system. The running of the highest peak was shown.

Receiving the strongest driver pickpocket Caen player, it became race/lace.

As for acquiring TQ of SUPER STOCK23T class at the point in time when it ends the preliminary round of 3 times, the field benevolence player of Team HPI! The field benevolence player (the driver) with the Miura Masanari player (pit clue) the combination acquiring TQ even in GP Touring Car 16% Nitro class! Height of combat power of new type PRO4 and R40 was shown. Also both classes the pickpocket Caen player was attached to the second grid, deciding race/lace of tension started.

In SUPER STOCK23T class, the control motor was adopted.

The field player who with R40 + NSX starts running. Preponderant speed was exhibited.

Torando – which becomes fixed turn – also l was adopted with this race.

SUPER STOCK23T class A main participation player

GP Touring Car 16% Nitro class A main participation player.

The deciding one time eye of the SUPER STOCK23T class which is held with double A main, from TQ dancing in the 1st in lap top and coming out the is pickpocket Caen player. The field player is stuck in the rear. The 7th field player exchanges the pickpocket Caen player in lap and dances in the top and comes out, but to the medium board fight of the tail two nose. The 14th pickpocket Caen player breaking the machine in lap, you retire. That way the field benevolence player finishing to escape, you score! Deciding 2nd time the field benevolence player running did pleasantly from start and scored in the top, achieved perfect Wien of TQ & victory. Even in the GP Touring Car 16% Nitro class which is held with deciding race/lace of 30 parts, springing out from TQ the is field benevolence player! The MEEN player of the tie where it works R40 that it approaches to rear. Concerning back of the field benevolence player although, the field benevolence player who does not allow to come near the other car with the race/lace development which even perfection can be said that way goal! Perfect Wien of TQ& victory was achieved. It was the race/lace where the MEEN player of the tie enters into 2 counts, can feel participating of the young racer.

PRO4 of the field player who does not allow to come near the other car completely.

Winning a prize person of SUPER STOCK23T class.

Winning a prize person of GP Touring Car 16% Nitro class

The HPIdistributor which works R 40, acquires 2 counts in beautiful GP Touring Car 16% Nitro class – the MEEN player of the support driver of RCS. It is expectation even in future participating!

At EP/GP class, the field player who acquires TQ & victory. PRO4 and R40 it is the driver of the worldwide most speed where further participating 2004 is expected to the weapon.

Also the Nishikawa player who from Japan has come to the tie with business trip, is beautiful A main acquisition.

The participation commemoration T shirt and the street stall etc. of the tie behaved, were one day which freely can feel the enjoyment of the radi-con event even in the race/lace which becomes tense. With commendation ceremony, the approval item was handed by the participant, while rising greatly, at this conference closed the curtain. While expecting the race/lace opening of HPI Challenge of the schedule where many drivers are done within year in Thailand, being to be attached to the return route, it did.

The boy racer large it was the race which participated.

driver got together early morning. Not only the interior and the pit space was prepared urgently even in the outside.

In the participant the candy behaved from the sponsor. Little consideration is delightful

The racing car of BF Goodrich which receives race cooperation!

After the travelling the player who by all means rinses the body

It is the PIYAPHAN THANASOPHON player who acquires Beauty body in GP car section.

It is the PADUNGKIAT KONGSOMPORN player who acquires Beauty body in EP car section.

Also the children are absorption in the radi-con car of the force perfect score!

PRO4 with large popularity, gathered many entries even with the tie.


Hara Pro 4


EP Final 1

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Best Tm Nationality

EP Final 2

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Best Tm Nationality

GP A Main

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Best Tm Nationality
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