Kyosho – FW-05S KYOSHO CUP JAPAN edition

You can enjoy real 1/10 race to many drivers, “FW-05S”. The race beginner can pull out the merit only of shaft drive 4WD easily, large popularity gains. The handiness that way, the fact that the equipment which can grasp the advantage with race/lace is administered is “KYOSHO CUP JAPAN edition”.

Including the adoption of V slick tire of the hardness 35?X, standard equipment of 2nd gear A/T, adoption etc. of the option chassis plate and the Spartan where everything pursue speed contents.

  • The plate bis processed 3mm thick 7075SP main chassis which is option (VSW050) standard equipment.
  • As for engine GS-15R standard equipment.
  • Installing V slick tire of the hardness 35?X. Showing the grip which is superior in many circuits.
  • 2nd gear automatic transmissions which can manage the power band easily (VSW030).
  • On front ball connecting type, on rear standard stabilizer of rod type standard equipment.
  • Being strong, the adjustment present the diff. gear of easy 4 bevel gear types equipment to front and back.
  • Durability and the span of adjustable range which stare race/lace, the V-ONE damper which is proud of attenuation quality standard equipment.
  • The body less kit which can choose the model which you like.
  • Rather than arranging part as a single unit, good bargain price setting.

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