TITC 2004 – Tamiya Race Report

Satoshi Race Report (Translate from Japanese)

* 2004/2/18-19: Practice and test travelling day

As for TRF415 from first day best condition! It sets on the basis of, the data which participates to the mountains cup it shows the potential which exceeds the other car after that with somewhat adjustment. They were the circumstances where simply, at this point in time pickpocket Caen which has not been accustomed to the low grip tire, a little has suffered hardship in operation.

* 2004/2/20: Control practice

In order to decide preliminary round combination, the control practice is done. It maintained TRF415 to preceding day, Surikarn started using the tire favorably skillfully 1 rank acquired, I was 2 rank.

* 2004/2/21: Preliminary round (total 4 round)

When it becomes preliminary round, race at a stroke heat rise! To become fierce battle above expecting, as for 1 rank of this day the HPI field player. TRF415 running was continued pleasantly, I 2 rank, attached to the good position, Surikarn 3 rank.

* 2004/2/22: Preliminary round last round

With 1 round it was done in last day Surikarn which is the local driver being stirred up, acquiring TQ and preliminary round 1 rank with reversal! I attached to 3 rank, also TRF Suzuki Seiwa reached 7 rank and to send 3 TRF415 to decision.

* 2004/2/22: Deciding round

Deciding as for 1st round Surikarn and Satoshi 1-2 finish! ! 2nd round Surikarn and end of the dead heat by the field player, Surikarn the top scored, early victory decided. 3rd round becomes the three way battle due to Surikarn and Satoshi, but Surikarn crash the middle retreat retiring, as for me scored regrettably at 2 rank. Furthermore (the Surikarn player participates in also one person stock class simply from TRF. Winning beautifully, also TITC 2004 achieved perfection conquest.)

With being the case that it is said, again could “TRF415”, show the potential freely with big race. There was also a little accident privately and (the elbow sewed also 4 beams.. ) Following to last year, it meaning that the air that has done, when it ends in the result, 2 year continual 3 rank and already would like to persevere a little it does, but it utilizes the reflection point of this race, in addition it directs to the following race and would like to persevere. By all means, being able to send TRF415 where also everyone had the highest travelling efficiency, please see! ! Certainly, you are not defeated to Surikarn, the husband who can do the running which is splendid! ? Then, support we ask may even from now on. (TRF サトシ 2004.02.26)

Surikarn TRF 415

Satoshi Car

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