Norsam – SIRIUS Charging System


Drawing on years of experience in RC racing, NOSRAM has developed the SIRIUS SYSTEM, a charger that meets the tough requirements of competition drivers. Bat-tery cells that deliver maximum power from start to finish are the key to win-ning races. However, even the model maker has to rely on his battery cells to operate dependably and durably at any time both on and off the race track.


  • Fast charge (adjustable from 0.1 ?V 7.0 A on the fly)
  • P.C.S. (Peak Capacity System) for perfect full charge of all types of bat-teries incl. NiMH
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) for maximum efficiency
  • Auto restart system after power failure
  • Formatting charge / trickle charge
  • 100% safety cut off
  • Input and output protection against overload, reverse polarity and short circuit

Technical Data:

Size: 100 x 153 x 70mm
Weight: 400g
Input Voltage: 11-15V
Cells: 1-8 cells
Charge current: 0.1 ?V 7.0A
Delta Peak: 5-80mV

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