Do you want a brand new look for your Nitro MT/MT 2? Well check out these awesome new releases from HPI; Three brand new bodyshell designs include a flame blue, a flame red and an ??Inferno?? Orange (which comes standard with the Nitro MT 2). All three designs are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd!

Moulded from thick polycarbonate for added durability, all three bodies shells come pre-painted and pre-cut with their respective decal sheets applied. So all you have to do is put it on your truck… and enjoy!

All three bodyshells include:

  • An awesome new pre-painted appearance
  • High quality polycarbonate shell with excellent dimensional stability and impact performance
  • Accurately cut wheel arches and holes for exhaust, glow start and fuel tank
  • Pre-drilled body post holes
  • Pre-applied photorealistic premium vinyl decals including window frames, headlights, grille, taillights and more!
  • Pre-mounted wing
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