FW05 kawahara Conversion

To move the engine to the left side, the offset doing the main shaft of main current with 1/8 buggies, arrangement to center. The private small diameter pinion, at the engine mount, furthermore from in center the engine it has become arrangement possible at center conversion set, 1, by modifying secondary reduction gear ratio. At the private mechanic deck furthermore it is low center of gravity conversion actualization.

Carbon body mount stay, the bumper and the carbon engine shock mount are equipped, the front knuckle one for infinity MTX3 is used, king pin angle has been optimized. Approximately, the unlimited damper, the spring is used.

With 4 these bis it makes the center mount top and bottom division possible, with respect to maintenance propensity, actualizes high rigidity, the new design brake mount, modifies brake installation position, center shaft rpm decreases maintenance characteristic, the direct impression improvement, furthermore with the modification of reduction gear ratio of the center conversion, furthermore actualizing light drive system with 0.8 steel gears,! ! Brake efficiency improvement.

With the front conversion, with the rigidity UP of geometry modification and the upper arm supporting section the front, it is due to the grip efficiency improvement and the rear conversion the front, with rear grip efficiency improvement front and back exquisite balance, substantial traction UP is actualized with geometry modification.

Approximately without using the private mechanic deck of 2 divisions and the screw of the rear gear box bearing supporting section, stopping, it is. It is designed in such a way that you can remove the upper deck with the rear 2 and front 3 these bis. At the same time the servo mount which belongs to the private mechanic deck, light weight, it is low center of gravity high maintenance efficiency actualization.

The private design brake, actualizing high rigidity with bearing support.

The test from November, kept spending 4 months. The rear conversion, the center conversion, the front conversion and the chassis conversion, everything has shown the effect, securely. Just the rear conversion with the test, grip the rear improving, becomes understeer, front and back balance doing by inserting the front conversion in that, the front pulls over all the corner, polishing depends on the shaft drive unique corner ring which does not stall.

When the center conversion is inserted, the extent drive system which it turns furthermore becomes light even with the engine which it does not turn excessively with belt drive. Also mass balance improving, very furthermore it becomes the car whose combat power is high.

When it becomes the chassis conversion of last shape, furthermore the mass balas improves, presently to that, MTX – using the front knuckle and the bumper spring of 3, furthermore has made the setting which bends. The time which can be agreed upon even time has come out.

Also brake efficiency, maintenance efficiency, with race/lace it becomes important, using the air rather even at this point in time, it developed, you think that it has reached the level which agreement it can receive.

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