Much More – Zero V Discharger

Light-weight(205g), compact(90 x166 x 60mm) and safe designed.
Muchmore original resistance, bi-polar.
6 bulbs make sure right connection.
New layer system for small pit area(can be connected by body pins).
R/C car-concept-designed.
Tested by world champion Surikarn Chaidajsuriya.

Zero-V is indivisual discharger for conditioning of GP batteries.

The management way for enhancing voltage with Zero-V
1.Discharge three days on Zero-V tray.
2.Disconnect then leave the battery till next race.
3.Discharge again 1 hour before charge.(Bulbs will not turn on. however, discharging is proceeding)
4.Disconnect then charge.
This will make 2~10% higher voltage for GP batteries.
And also effective for poor batterie’s refreshing.

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