HPI Pro 4 – Assemble Tips 8

Tips are translated from Japanese to English, therefore some wording are hard to understand. Please try you best to read. (Have some guess!!) Thanks to HPI R&D Cafe Japan

PRO4 TIPS part1

As for everyone there is no with question っ callous which the rear of PRO4 slides?
Being to be various causes it does, this kind of time but
We would like to introduce one of measure methods.
That is the bump steering wheel.
As for the measure which I have done the part of the steering wheel crank
Between carbon plate and steering wheel crank
Inserting the tapered cone, it lowers the carbon plate.
It operates somewhat to direction of bump out by doing this.
In the one that the rear slides,
Being to think propriety trial that whether good measure!

It is the result of the cellulose nitrate of club K&K March 6th, but
It was defeated to the Fujita player.
Being to be 2 rank it does, the result but don’t you think? still it is training and insufficient….

PRO4 TIPS part2

This time we would like to introduce concerning the stabilizer of PRO4.
When installing the stabilizer,
You think that you have suffered hardship in the same way left and right to effective refuse.
As for PRO4 as for adjustment on left and right of the stabilizer it is not the turn buckle,
Being to be the set screw, it becomes adjustment every of ball-end semi- revolution.
You think that everyone could not adjust the difference the left and right perhaps there.
As for the adjustment method I doing like the photograph the stubby ball
By left and right changing how to stop of the set screw
Somewhat adjustment is possible.
It is the expectation there not to be a habit of the stabilizer left and right with this!
As for the set screw which locks the stabilizer of the rear gear box
The stabilizer probably will be locked securely!


This time the electromotive touring car
TIPS of method of using mold inner is introduced.
As for mold inner with setting of race/lace level very importance
It has become one of the element.
As for the method we doing well like the photograph weight of individual mold inner
Measuring, matching, you use.
It matches being to like to do at the 0.1mm unit, but
As for the one which it has in large quantities without being is you think that where weight difference appears.
For example when there is 0.3 gram difference, when travelling, considerably there is influence.
As for me inner weight is heavy mainly inserting in the rear
You insert inner it is light in the front.
In word being not to be able to explain well, it does, but
It is this opposite, the ちwill not question being not to run, it does!
Also everyone measuring the weight of inner
Inserting heavier one in the rear, please try that you insert lighter one in the front.
Will the one which is interest probably be trying doing the opposite, how?
If light weight is done, you can measure to 0.1 gram unit
The HPI make #39013 weight checker mini- ?@5,980 use!
0.1 gram unit measures,
Being to be easy to carry with the compact, it is the item of my one pushing!

Team TD discharge board Part2

The last time finally the long-awaited Team TD discharge board
Completion you wrote, but as for that being Takashima
Any my are the person who has been recorded before this photograph.
Still, the light-emitting diode you have not attached, but
It is the schedule which attaches the light-emitting diode of the blue of high brightness.
The resistance which has been attached to the place of the light-emitting diode
When it is high brightness, being to think, that it is dazzling, it is the schedule which attaches the person whose resistance is large.
The person where resistance of method of discharging the one ranking size former 2 ?[ empty 1 ?[ is large is equipped.
It may complete in tomorrow, is!

PRO4 TIPS part2-1

Is difficult to know in explanation of adjustment of the previous stabilizer the point which
Being to be, we would like to explain once more.
As for PRO4 adjustment on left and right of stabilizer
Unless the half it turns the ball end, adjustment is not possible.
There is a method the latest way in order to do the fine control.
This picture is the simple image figure of the stubby ball.
The stabilizer is the part where it is painted black.
1 in the figures is the figure when you stop the set screw from lower direction.
And 4 is the figure of a state where you stop the set screw from above.
For example when the right side of the stubby ball at 1 the left side you installed with 4 and are
The stabilizer of the right side, it is recognized that it is in high rank area in comparison with the left side.
When this the stabilizer is adjusted with the method of changing mind,
Length of the rod end where the stubby ball has been attached is made as much as possible simultaneous.
In the same length because perhaps installation direction of the stabilizer has been decided
It is the expectation which it is difficult to do.
Being to adjust the height of stubby left and right with method of this fine control it does then!
If it designates one side as standard, it is the expectation which left and right similarly can be adjusted.
Like 2 and 3 if you install, it can put out also the height between 1 and 4.

Setting to the same height, there are times when left and right are not agreeable.
The cause of that is habit of twist of the stabilizer itself.
Only this with respect to glass edition with as level
Habit of twist the left and right is not repaired.
I the variety bending by the hand, in order to become left and right same quality, have done again to bend this kind of time.
However when it bends too excessively, being to stop being able to make level note!

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