Xray wins Swedish National Championship

This weekend it was Swedish nats in 1/10 Touring. On a 2 meter wide but quite big and fine track, very flat, big sweepers but by some reason a very short strait all the best drivers in Sweden entered for this important race.

In qualifing, two drivers stood up and showed an quite impressive performance.
Andreas won the first round 0,1 sec ahead of Jonas Andersson and these drivers was 6 sec ahead of a pac of 6 drivers, who was within a second and a half.

Round two was similar, as Andreas drove away, having Jonas chasing him as hard as he could. Same result, Andreas won 0,1 ahead of Jonas. The rest, well 6 second down.

Third round Andreas now won with 1 sec. But time was 0,5 sec slower than previous rounds.

Fourth round: It looked normal all the way until the end when Andreas was lapping and got a slide, so even if he could hold on to Jonas, the distance was reduced so Jonas TQ 0,1 sec ahead of Andreas.

1st A Main

Jonas took the start with Andreas close to him. Andreas pushed very hard and after a couple of laps Jonas made a mistake and Andreas slipped by. He then druised home to first place.

1.Andreas Myrberg
2.Jonas Andersson
3.Gustav Dahlberg

2nd A Main

Again Andreas was all over Jonas trying to pass in almost every corner. In one corner Andreas saw the opening and took it, however the gap was closed and they touched slightly. Jonas came out ahead of Andreas, but now Gustav Dahlberg was up in the lead with Wilck and Joel Myrberg 2nd and 3rd. After yet another touch Andreas found him self down at 10th place. The front changed slightly with Joel passing Wilck and Andreas drove his way up to 3rd place.

1.Gustav Dahlberg
2.Joel Myrberg
3.Andreas Myrberg

3rd A Main

Andreas and Gustav with one win each and Jonas and Joel, with one 2nd each was the only ones who could win.

Jonas took the start as usual, with Andreas just on his tail. They opend a gap. This time, Gustav was hanging in from his 3rd starting position for a couple of laps. But after that, Jonas and Andreas started to pull away. Jonas soon felt the pressure, and touched a curb. This was all Andreas needed and passed. Jonas then tried everything he could with a very aggressive drive, but Andreas kept cool and just avoided and problems to take the win.

1.Andreas Myrberg
2.Jonas Andersson
3.Gustav Dahlberg

Final results

1.Andreas Myrberg Xray, LRP
2.Gustav Dahlberg Yokomo, Peak
3.Jonas Andersson Schumacher, Peak
4.Joel Myrberg Xray, LRP
5.Mikael Fransson Associated, Peak
6.Viktor Wilck Associated, LRP
7.Alexander Hagberg Xray, Reedy
8.Alfred Widmark Associated, Advanced
9.Magnus Vässmar Schumacher, Advanced
10.Arvid Stenberg Associated, Advanced

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