Tamiya – TRF Tools

TRF setting board (red) Limited Edition

The high accuracy which can be used conveniently to the suspension setting of 1/10 touring cars it is the aluminum make board. The lead alumite in the board which was processed with laser processing the hallmark the logograph and the scale of the English letter of TRF and the world champion team. Adjustment of toe in and the like does easily, using the height gauge and camber gauge of selling separately, you can adjust height, camber angle and the like accurately. The rubber make insulator attachment which raises the stability of the board. Size: Length 320mm and side 420mm, thickness 2.5mm

Maintenance stand for RC car (Red) Limited Edition

It is the aluminum make stand which can be used conveniently as a one for service of on load car. The hole in order to raise the oil damper and the rubber for the brace of the chassis have been attached. Size 15??10??5cm

Motor Case

The inner cushion being attached, 7 motors receipt possibility. You set also the spare brush and part case which can insert the brush spring and the like. Size: 27cm??21cm??5cm

Parts carrying bag

Collecting resin make case 3 you can receive the tool and the motor and the part etc., it is the carrying bag which it can carry. As for color crotch lining with black color as for handbag part grey. Resin make case 3 attachment. Size: As for the resin make case size of 292??224??174mm and inside 270??209??49mm

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