EFRA Touring Car Bodyshells List 2004

All Touring car bodies shall be accurate 1/10th scale representations of full size touring cars. 2 and 4 door versions, as raced in International 2lt Touring Series, are allowed. No GT or sports car bodies allowed. The listed bodyshells have been approved for use in EFRA Touring Car Events and must run to the 115mm minimum roof height. The list will be updated for any new bodyshells that meet the above criteria.

#7316: Dodge Stratus
#7315/7346: Toyota Altezza (7346 is the same as 7315 but comes with Castrol decal sheet)

#A8056: Skoda (B wing only)

#1419: Alfa Romeo 156
#1436: BMW 3-Series
#1427: Dodge Stratus
#1420: Ford Mondeo
#1421: Honda Accord
#1429: Vauxhall Vectra

#ZR-YSB: Dodge Stratus Type A
#ZR-TAB: Toyota Altezza
#ZR-TCB: Toyota Chaser

A number of drivers have enquired as to what are ??International 2lt Touring Series??, they are the FIA Class 2 2lt Super Touring Cars (now defunct) and the ETCC (European Touring Car Championships).

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