Kwada – M300RSW Limited2

Technical Data

  • Total length: 265mm
  • Full-width: F/165mm R/167mm
  • Tread: F/140mm R/129mm
  • Wheelbase: 198mm
  • When travelling gross load: 800g
  • Diff. type: Ball diff.
  • Drive type: Direct drive
  • Suspension type: F/ independent suspension R/ ball connecting type
  • F caster: Variable
  • Chassis: Carbon FRP
  • Motor: 540 types (selling separately)
  • Bearing: Full ball bearing
  • Motor mount (the right & the left): The duralmin it starts shaving,
  • Tire: F/ L rubber R/H rubber

Becoming independent, it controls pitching and the roll with the rolling damper of new adoption.
The KAWADA individual rolling damper equipping the outer tube and the forced antiroll spring for dust measure! !
Preeminent efficiency is shown in the high grip road surface of the indoor circuit and the like.

Adopting the upper brace of the private design attendant upon rolling damper adoption. Also form until recently from the item substantially modification. It lowers oil damper installation position to the rear, actualizing ideal pitching stroke.

Equipping the heat sink attaching aluminum motor mount.
2.5mm (motor mount ratio) it sets height low, until recently around the rear succeeds in center of gravity conversion low. It considers small diameter tire use, the axle 1.5mm is lower than RSW standard installation possibility. High accuracy clamp type left hub standard equipment.

The large diameter diff. ring which actualizes secure drive transmission standard equipment! !

DDF (direct down fourth mount) equipment! !
Down fourth of the body rear end it succeeds in conveying to the rear pod section to direct with DDF which is provided in the upper brace! !
Every road surface, guaranteeing secure grip in the speed limits! !

Natural strut bar, chassis protector, option part of popularity such as SP upper arm shaft and direct servo saber standard equipment! !

The option part

  • RS-71 chassis protector
  • RS-72 natural strut bar
  • RS-74 SP upper arm shaft
  • RSW-16 teflon lightweight oil damper
  • RS-78 clamp type rear hub L
    プラパーツ for RSW-16a large diameter rear hub
  • RSW-30 large diameter diff. ring
  • New design rolling damper
  • Private upper brace
  • Motor mount for small diameter tire (Limited2 exclusive use)
  • Direct down fourth mount
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