Team Proton – Husky & Ken

Programming features
The setting program of Husky consists 3 levels (Expert, Standard, Basic) and
3 modes (System, Pit, Circuit) according to capability and applications.
The program consists simple setting procedures and powerful functions.

– 10 Model memories
– Frequency select
– Data copy
– LCD contrast
– Trim rate
– Servo rotation direction change
– Sub trim
– Data reset
– EPA (End point adjustment)
– Response
– Steering speed
– Throttle speed
– Start
– ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System)
– Punch
– Idle up
– Auto steering control
– Stopwatch
– Dual rate

The frequencies of most transmitters and receivers are adjusted
by changing the crystals. Enthusiasts who want to change frequencies must
purchase extra crystal sets to prevent interference between same
frequencies. To complicate matters further there are so many types of crystals based on modulation (FM/AM, PPM/PCM), conversion type (Single/Dual) and Radio makers.
To solve this problem, Proton Control Systems adapted PLL (Phase Loop Lock) technology to your Husky transmitter and Ken receiver. The preferred frequencies are selectable simply by pressing buttons.

Your Husky transmitter and Ken receiver are each compatible with all popular FM transmitters and receivers. These include A class (Futaba, Hitec) and B class (JR, Sanwa, KO). This flexibility allows you to use different brand transmitters and receivers.

Your Husky is more than a transmitter for your R/C models. Use your Husky transmitter to control your PC games too! Husky comes with a built-in USB port for connecting to your personal computer. Now you can practice at home before the big race. Better still, your race will never be rained out.

Husky’s symmetrical design allows you to quickly change format from right- to left-hand grip. Just unscrew 4 screws and rotate the body 180 degrees.

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