Hot Bodies – Lightning 2 RR

1/8th Scale Buggy Lightning 2 RR (RTR)

Lightning 2 RR Features:

• Full Ball Bearings

• Front CVA Axles

• Exhaust-Tip Bash Guard

• Low Profile Fuel Tank

• Low Profile Upper Deck and Receiver/Batt Box
• 22º Hub Carriers

• Hot, New Painted and Trimmed Body Design
• Rear Sway Bar
• 2pc. Racing Clutch

• .26 Engine
• High Torque Steering Servo

• Jump-Start Starting System

• Complete Radio System

• Fuel Bottle

• 12 “AA” Size Batteries

• Plug Wrench
• Glow Igniter

The newly designed upper deck mounts the high torque steering servo in a lower position allowing for a lower center of gravity.

The fuel tank has been made wider and lower so the overall fuel capacity is the same but the center of gravity is lower.

The battery box is an all new design that is much lower than the previous one.

The 22º front caster blocks have built-in roost guards to prevent dirt being blasted into the axles.

The rear hub carriers have built in roost guards as well that prevent dirt from being blasted into the axles.

A massive 26, Jump-Start equipped engine comes standard with the lightning 2 RR!

top off the power plant with an aluminum race pipe for maximum horsepower!

Adjustable brake bias! You can set whether the front or the rear gets the stopping power by simply adjusting the length of the pull rods!

A closer look at the chassis reveals countersunk screws and better view of the new “A” arm design.

Top it off with a cool new pre-printed body and there you have it,the lightning 2 RR (Race Ready)!

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