LRP – New Sanyo RC-3600HV cell

Higher capacity and higher voltage: The all new Sanyo RC-3600HV cell!

LRP is proud to present the all new Sanyo RC-3600HV cell! With a capacity of 3600mAh Sanyo claims for the highest capacity cell with the longest runtime on the market today!
But more: the Sanyo engineers also achieved an increased voltage for the maximum possible power and acceleration.

LRP electronic offers this cell with “30A true value matched” and “HiVolt-PLUS treatment”. The exclusive LRP HiVolt-PLUS treatment system was developed by LRP electronic. Power, top-speed and punch are significantly increased over untreated cells due to a higher average discharge voltage and a lower internal resistance.


  • Hi-Quality Sanyo RC-3600HV cells
  • LRP Hi-Volt PLUS battery treatment
  • 30A true value matched
  • Maximum capacity
  • Highest voltage

Technical data (manufactures instructions):

  • Size: Sub C, 23mm x 43.5mm
  • Weight: 61 g

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