Team Losi – Titanium Short Neck Ball Studs

Team Losi now offers their precision-machined premium Titanium alloy ball studs in a new short neck version. The LOSA9948 and 9949 Short Neck Titanium Ball Studs feature a shorter than normal neck between the ball and the mounting flange and are the perfect solution for applications where space is critical or extra strength is desired. Like Team Losi??s standard titanium ball studs, these feature a hex in the top of the ball making installation easy even in the tightest places. Unlike other titanium parts that are made from ??commercial grade?? titanium, all Team Losi parts are machined from the highest quality 6AL4V alloy for lightweight with superior strength and wear resistance. The LOSA9948 ball studs feature a ¼?? threaded shaft while the LOSA9949 have a 3/8?? threaded shaft. Look for these and all team Losi performance products at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

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