Futaba – New MC800C Version 2

The MC800C version 2 for pure race which was developed in order to win with race of worldwide level, the body of microminiature light weight to the machine is loading possible in the compact. The power control hyper brake control neutral brake is loaded with digital racing mode function, the highest throttle work is offered to the driver.

MC800C Version2
Microminiature Super light weight ESC

Function Efficiency

  • Use power source 4.8 – 8.4V
  • Case size 28.3 x 25.4 x 14.4mm
  • Weight 17.5 g
  • Instantaneous largest electric current 235A (FET rating)
  • Brief largest electric current 120A (30 seconds)
  • Continual largest electric current 80A (5 minutes)
  • Above corresponding motor 5T

Price YEN 31,500 (including tax)

Sale schedule 2004 the middle of July

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