HPI – 350Z GT And NSX GT Bodies

HONDA NSX GT BODY (190mm/WB255mm)

Available now from HPI Racing is our 190mm version of the Honda NSX GT body for touring car owners! This release continues the precise replication of the highly popular NSX GT seen on the Japanese road racing circuits and popular video games. This is a sure hit with import tuner fans! Our body crafters have done their absolute best to duplicate every curve and shape of the famous NSX GT.


Available soon from HPI Racing is the new 190mm version of our hot Nissan 350Z Nismo GT Race Body! With the full-size 350Z so popular on the roads today, it was only a matter of time before a Nismo version hit the racetracks. Our latest 190mm body is based on the awesome 350Z Nismo GT that races in the Japan Grand Touring Championships (JGTC). Already amazingly popular for our Super Nitro cars, now 190mm touring car owners have a 350Z GT of their own!

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