Ready Touring Car Race Of Champions – News 1

Ready Touring Car Race Of Champions in Alisio Viejo, California on May 27-30.

The Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions has been one of the most presigious touring car races for several years now. This race brings many world class drivers from around the globe. Classes at this race are Open 19 turn and Invitational. This race is a hand out tire event using Take-Off CS27. The most unique part of this race is all the heats are set up like mains in the invitational class. It is go at the tone in every race with different drivers everytime for eight heart pounding races for each driver. The winner is establishe from the best six out of eight finishes. The lowest score wins. Congrats to last years winners Barry Baker (Invitational Class) and Josh Newman (Open Class) Rod Canave(19Turn Class). Lets see who the winners will be this year. Good Luck to all Attending!

Day one of practice in the books. Practice consisted of four rounds for each class. The track is well kept as usual from Tamiya Inc. and in great conditon with lots of traction. Drivers could register and get thier handout tires today. The competition is fierce with multiple world and national champions making fast laps around the track.

Source : Team Trinity

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