Ready Touring Car Race Of Champions – News 3

Day three of the race but day one of racing. The morning was sunny and warmer than the days of practice leading to higher track temps for racing. Scotty Ernst led the morning off with a drivers meeting at about quarter past eight in the am. New rule of no high-brid motors allowed was introduced today at the Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions. The invitational class(33 entries), round one of four started at 9 A.M. sharp. After the invite was 19 turn with 60 entries then Open class of 100 entires.

With track conditions changing due to the weather once again, the racers had to adapt throughout racing. The warmer track temps made the track slippery for the racers. The Take-off CA27 tires are very sensitive to the changes of the track. Drivers were trying different applications of tire sauce today from Trinity Buggy Grip to Tire Tweek and various other traction additives.

The rule of no front one-ways made racing even tighter and more exciting to watch. The racing is so competitive there is a penalty box if someone intentionally takes another driver out. The defensive driver is ordered into the box for a few seconds loosing valuable time. The box wasn’t used too much but the adrenaline was on the rise from passing on two wheels or spectacular crashes!

The racers closest to achieving the top spot in Invite Class are Surikan, Mark Pavidis, Greg Hodap, Matt Francis, and Ashusi Hara as of four rounds so far. In the Open Class, Ryan Cavallari is at the top of a very competitive pack of drivers. Great Job Ryan! With the Invite Class having four more rounds on Sunday May 30th, there is no definate of who will be the next Reedy Champ. The mains for 19 turn and Open Class will determine the Champions for each class.

Source : Team Trinity

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