Team Losi – 4 new product

Mini T White Wheels

Team Losi now offers wheels for the Mini-T in ??racer?? white. The LOSB1152 front and LOSB1162 rear wheels are precision molded in durable impact resistant plastic. The brilliant white color looks great on the track or they can be dyed hundreds of colors to suit your particular preference and personalize your truck. Of course, all of the tires currently offered for the Mini-T will fit perfectly. Look for these new wheels and all genuine Team Losi Mini-T performance parts at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

Mini T Sand Tires

Team Losi took the Mini-T retro by creating the Mini-Baja Bug body and now completes the package with their new front and rear sand tires. The LOSB1154 Mini-Wedge and LOSB1165 Mini-Paddle tires are just like those found tearing up deserts and sand dunes from coast to coast. Both of these cool tires feature a firmer rubber compound to help dig into the sand or soft dirt. Both the wedge front and paddle rear tires are sold un-mounted and include extra-firm foam inserts. You can choose to mount these on standard yellow, new white, or cool chrome wheels for the exact look you want. Look for these and all genuine Team Losi Mini-T parts at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

XXX Rebuildble Axle

Team Losi now offers rebuildable rear universal joints for all of their off-road models. The LOSA3027 are precision-machined universals that use a setscrew to secure a hardened drive pin instead of a spiral pin to drive the axle. This new design allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning as well as rebuilding. The hardened pin is also capable of handling the hottest modified and brushless motors imaginable. These can be used with either the new BK2/MF2 ??offset?? rear axles shown or any of the standard (non-CVD) rear axles. Look for this and all Team Losi performance parts at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

King Pin 1/10th Truck Tire

Team Losi has been the innovator in off-road tire design for over 20 years. Their new LOSB7637(R & S) ??King-Pin?? rear truck tire is the latest in cutting edge application specific design. The ??King-Pin?? is designed to bridge the gap between loose loamy surfaces and hard packed blue-groove tracks while working well on both. The combination of the reinforced carcass and the unique directional tread design and pin profile provide remarkable traction on a wide variety of tracks and surfaces. Although the Step-Pin and Taper-Pin tires have been the racer??s choice for extreme track conditions, the “King-Pin” addresses the need for a tire that excels in the broad range of conditions in between. On a loose surface the many sharp edged square pins easily penetrate semi-loamy dirt due to the unique design that resists deflection. On a hard packed surface the many edges provide excellent forward drive and side bite. The race proven carcass design is clearly marked with a direction of rotation arrow and is a sure bet to handle both smooth and rutted surfaces. The ??King-Pin?? is available in Team Losi??s exclusive ??Silver?? and soft ??Red?? rubber compounds and includes firm foam inserts. The ??King-Pin?? fits all popular stadium truck wheels and are available at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide.

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