Team Assoicated – Factory Team RC10T4

Team Associated announces the new Factory Team RC10T4 Truck kit … the truck driven by Mark Pavidis to win the ROAR Off Road National Championship! Now you can get your own, full-option “Factory” ride truck complete with over $190 worth of Factory Team upgrades!

The Team’s standard threaded, hard-anodized PTFE-coated shocks with Unobtainium shafts handle the damping on all four corners. A complete set of 14 PTFE-sealed bearings are included to ensure smooth, efficient operation. Lightweight outdrives are included, as well as a new clear injection-molded gear cover. To get the power tot he ground, the T4 Factory Team comes with Pro-Line M3 “Holeshot T” rear tires and M3 compound “Edge” front tires on white Pro-Line dish wheels.

The T4 Factory Team features all molded carbon components including the chassis, front and rear shock towers, front and rear A-Arms, chassis brace, and top plate. The battery strap is made of woven carbon fiber, and comes with a chrome/black “AE Factory Team” sticker.

No Factory Team kit would be complete without a full array of “Factory Blue” components, so the T4 includes blue titanium turnbuckles, aluminum servo mounts, wheel spacers, front hinge pin brace, body clips, and a lightweight milled blue aluminum motor mounting plate.

If you’re serious about racing, get the same truck used to win the ROAR Off Road National Championship .. Team Associated’s Factory Team T4.


Angled bellcrank steering minimizes bump steer to maintain constant steering angles throughout the full range of suspension travel.

Trailing front axle or optional inline steering blocks can be used to tune steering response.

Front shocks are mounted behind the shock towers. All four suspension arms utilize a ??captured?? hinge pin design that uses no e-clips.

The ??forward-swept?? front end design provides maximum front end ground clearance. Chassis underside is contoured for maximum clearance when cornering, and minimal ground contact area on hard landings.

2.6:1 laydown Stealth transmission now uses the higher torque capacity differential from the RC10GT. Ultra-compact, efficient, low-CG design.

Long CVD dog bones and axles have been designed into the rear suspension to push the T4 out to maximum legal width for more traction.

High torque capacity, double-sided slipper provides finer adjustment, easier assembly, and lower rotating mass than comparable double-sided slippers.

Impact-resistant rear motor guard and body mounts. Lower motor, battery, shock and body mounting positions give the T4 a lower CG for higher cornering speeds and greater stability.



  • 7441 T4 Chassis, Carbon
  • 7443 T4 Front Shock Tower, Carbon
  • 7445 T4 Rear Shock Tower, Carbon
  • 7447 T4 Front A-Arm, Carbon
  • 7449 T4 Rear A-Arm, Carbon
  • 7452 T4 Woven Carbon Fiber Battery Strap with sticker
  • 9565 B4/T4 Rear Chassis Brace, carbon, Front Hinge Pin Brace, blue aluminum
  • 9567 B4/T4 Top Plate, carbon

    Blue Aluminum

  • 1770 B4/T4 Milled Motor Plate, blue
  • 1777 Blue Aluminum Shock Pivot Ball with Eyelet. For 4 shocks
  • 1779Factory Team Servo Mount, blue alum. Stronger, more secure and precise servo mounting.
  • 4145 4-40 X 5/16″ Socket Head Cap Screw, blue alum.
  • 6943 Factory Blue 8-32 Alum. Locknuts
  • 9608B Factory Blue B4/T4 Aluminum Wheel Spacer
  • 9610B Servo Saver/Steering Hardware
  • 9665 B4/T4 Factory Team Hinge Pin Brace ver. 2, with hinge pins

    Blue Titanium

  • 1408 Blue Titanium Turnbuckles, 2.65??/67mm
  • 1417 Factory Team Blue Titanium Turnbuckle, 2.80″


  • 1736 Body Clips, metallic blue. Short
  • 1766 B4/GT/T4 Lightweight Outdrive Set
  • 3971 TC3/B4/T4 Steering Rack Bearings
  • 6416 Unobtainium Shock Shaft, 1.32 stroke. Titanium carbonitrade coated for smoother action
  • 6417 Unobtainium Shock Shaft, 1.02 Stroke, front. Titanium carbonitrade coated for smoother action
  • 6903 3/8″ X 5/8″ Ball Bearing, unflanged (PTFE sealed)
  • 6906 3/16″ X 3/8″ Ball Bearing, unflanged (PTFE sealed)
  • 7412 Threaded Shock Body, 1.39″
  • 7414 Threaded Shock Body, 1.02″
  • 9657 B4/T4 Heavy Duty Servo Saver Spring
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