Proline – Corvette C6

Corvette C6 190mm & 200mm

??Six times in 51 years. That’s how many times a new Corvette platform has been ushered into this world. That’s not very many, even when measured against other extraordinary events. And so the body you see here, the sixth-generation 2005 Corvette coupe, is huge news for enthusiasts around the globe. Let it be said ?X to challengers everywhere ?X that once more the bar is raised. This is a sensational Corvette??
?V GM Spokesperson.

Chevrolet hit the nail on the head ?X the bar has been raised. Pro-Line captures every essence of the bar and the same design platform Chevrolet uses on the Corvette C6 styling is now available for your 190mm and 200mm touring car. Style, performance and reputation, the 2005 Corvette has it all.

Each of the Corvettes come complete with add-on molded headlight buckets, detail decal sheet, window mask, paint-then-peel protective film, add-on wing, and wing mounting hardware.

Corvette C6 1:18 Micro

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