Protoform – Cadillac CTS-V R

In the last few years Cadillac has been systematically and successfully re-inventing it’s image in the global marketplace. Part of their strategy has been to field factory prepared racecars in the highest levels of international racing around the globe. Their latest focus has been the Cadillac CTS-V R sedan that competes in the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT category.

In an ultra-competitive field of Audis, Corvettes and Vipers, they not only top qualified but smoked the competition with a 1-2 finish in the Sebring opener! PROTOform has now brought this exciting body style to the RC world. Realistic yet functional, sedan racers will appreciate the handling and balance of this body whether racing 190mm or 200mm classes. Made to fit ROAR, IFMAR and EFRA specifications, it comes with protective film, window masks, detail sticker sheet, and wing mounting hardware. This body is sure to add a unique new look to sedan racing in 2004.

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