Hot Bodies – 1/8 Scale Lightning Stadium Pro (RTR)

55005 1/8 Scale Lightning Stadium Pro (RTR)

Kit includes:

• .26 Power Factory Engine
• Long Wheelbase Main Chassis
• Aluminum, Long Suspension Arms

• 4mm F/R Shock Towers
• Front CVA Joints
• F/R Long Shocks
• Full Rubber Sealed Bearing
• Racing Wheels & Tires
• Low Profile Stadium Truck Body
• F/R Sway Bars
• Hardened Differential Gears
• Radio and Radio Gear
• High Torque Steering Servo
• Fuel Bottle
• Glow Starter
• 12 “AA” Batteries
• Plug Wrench

Equipment Needed:
• 20% Nitro Car Fuel
• 7.2V Battery for Jump-Starter

Lightning Stadium Pro comes with a stylish pre-printed and trimmed body!

The lightning Stadium is intended for racing and has been designed to be ultra wide and low, for excellent handling characteristics.

The fuel tank has been widened and lowered, keeping the same size and lowering the center of gravity

A closer look at the braking system reveals dual front brake rotors and front and rear adjustable bias to stop the truck in a hurry. This angle also shows the low profile upper deck with a laydown style steering servo type mount.

Super long aluminum front suspension arms provide a smooth ride and keep good consistent traction at all times. The hub carrier sports roost deflectors to help keep the outdrives in good condition.

Super long aluminum rear suspension arms keep the traction flowing and the truck in control. The rear hub carriers have a dirt shield to keep harmful dirt and debris from reaching the internals of the axles.

The Lightning Stadium comes heavily fortified with a beefy rear chassis brace for lateral support.

Interchangeable squat blocks allow for fine tuning of the suspension. Front and rear sway bars are standard.

The chassis is longer than its buggy brother to further smooth out the handling characteristics.

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