Reedy ”RealTime” 3300 Ni-MH cells

NEW! Battery matchers have given you the same old information for years … discharge time, capacity, and an average voltage figured over the entire time of the battery’s 30-amp discharge cycle, which is usually about seven minutes.

But with the newer, much higher capacity batteries, these measurements have become less relevant to the racer, who is only really concerned with the batteries’ performance for the first five minutes … the length of the race.

With this fact in mind, Reedy introduces “RealTime” matching.

Reedy “RealTime” batteries give you the most accurate, useful information on how your batteries will actually perform during the race by giving you the cell’s average voltage during the first five minutes of discharge, in addition to the standard measurements of discharge rate, total capacity, charge time, internal resistance, and the discharge cutoff point, 0.90 volt per cell.

Don’t settle for 15-year-old battery matching methods … Get the most accurate, useful battery matching information with Reedy’s “RealTime” matched packs.

Reedy RealTime Matched Batteries: Cycled, matched, voltage treated, unassembled NiMH 3300 MaH, 6 cells.

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