CORALLY RDX NEW 1/10th Electric TC

After a long and extensive R&D period Corally is proud to introduce the all new RDX. Top drivers Sakke and Simo Ahoniemi have first showed its performance by making top 10 positions at the recent 2004 European Championships. Chris Tosolini will race the RDX in the US. The release is planned for September 2004.

The all new features include:
?? Ultra low centre of gravity.

?? Super narrow 3mm chassis with semi cut motor position for maximum stiffness.
?? Chassis mounted steering levers.
?? Lower roll centre adjustment possibility.
?? 2-Belt drive system with aluminium pulleys and spur gear adapter.
?? Lightweight rear differential.
?? Lightweight front 1-way with hardened aluminium outdrives.
?? Double supported layshaft between both bulkheads
?? Composite reinforced short wishbones.
?? Motormount integrated with rear left bulkhead.
?? Separate bodypostplate.
?? Rear shocks positioned in front of the wishbones for even better weight balance.
?? Wheel base extended by 7mm.
?? Identical font and rear shock towers.

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