Hpi Pro4 2005 edition

The USA/ Europe 2005 Spec Pro 4 will have the following:

All standard Pro 4 features

+2.5mm main chassis (original main chassis)

+new upper deck (as shown — more lateral flex, same fore to aft
stiffness, reduced chance of tweaking on impacts, with cone washers and
o-rings over the steering posts as used by Hara)
+new motor mount (as shown)

+new shocks (fluorine coated, new bladders, new pistons, new shafts, as shown)

+Delrin diff out drives

+new 1 piece aluminum rear input shaft (combines spur adapter and
shaft, with solid pins, much more rigid gear mounting, different than
Japanese spec parts)

+new aluminum front input shaft

+new diff nut and new diff screw (larger screw size + T-nut)

+aluminum steering servo mounts

+Spool and One Way will be included

+full range of pivot block spacers to adjust block heights

+0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 degree pivot blocks included

+Heavy Duty, Self Lubricating Ball Cups are also included

While some will say it is simply the “same old, same old” Pro 4, it
does address exactly what a lot of our customers and team drivers
wanted changed. It moves the weight balance forward, the motor is
easier to access, the diff holds its settings better, the shocks are
even easier to rebuild and maintain, the shock are even smoother, the
drive train spins more true, the drive train is even lighter, a spool
is included, and more suspension adjustments are possible right out of
the box. The only items it is really missing to be competitive on any
surface would be a full range of tuning springs (or a 3.0mm chassis and
front diff for foam tire carpet racing).

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