3 Speed Transmission for Savage

Take your Savage to the next level with our new 3 Speed Transmission!
You get more punch and higher top speed, the best of both worlds!
Faster track times, easier wheelies, blistering top speed, better fuel
mileage, and lower engine temperatures are the result of this ultimate
Savage upgrade.

Internally, the gearbox has been redesigned for extra durability and
longer life. Hardened steel is now used for many of the gears and hubs,
stronger clutch mechanisms were developed, as well as extensively
lightened gears and hubs. The automatic shift points are pre-set at the
factory, and can be manually adjusted to suit track conditions.

Two versions of the 3 speed are available: A build-it-yourself kit
version that converts the existing transmission to a 3 speed (part
#87220), and a completely assembled 3 speed transmission that includes
the outer transmission case (part #87128). Complete installation
instructions are included with both versions. Built to the exact
factory specs for a perfect fit, the 3 speed transmission bolts right
in to all Savage trucks and is even compatible with our Reverse


Easy installation: No extra modification required to the gear box

Optimized gear ratio for Big Block engines: Adjustable using a wide variety of clutch bells and spur gears

Steel Clutch Holder Unit: More durable than current aluminum material

Durable Steel Second and Third Gears


10% higher top speed

10% more torque

Stronger gears

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