Protoform – DODGE STRATUS 3.0 190mm ”C” Carpet

Without a doubt, the Dodge Stratus body style has been the most popular
body style ever raced in the world of RC sedans. For six straight years
racers around the world have chosen Stratus bodies to dominate and win
national titles and world championships. PROTOform has been a key
player in the development and evolution of the Stratus race-body that’s
included an IFMAR ISTC World Championship as well as numerous national
titles on every continent.

The PROTOform Stratus “C” is the first race body that we have produced
specifically for carpet racing. Anyone who has raced at a large,
well-attended carpet racing event realizes how the traction levels
become extremely high, unlike “the track back home”. A well tuned
carpet racecar needs balance without excessive downforce to allow the
car to run “free”. It’s in this situation the the “C” version of the
Stratus 3.0 will shine.

This ROAR legal body comes with 2 trim lines, one for legal sanctioned
racing as well as one for “slammed” club racing. It’s small wheel well
markings compliment the ultra small 56 mm foams used by the “pro
racers”. It conforms to all IFMAR, FEMCA, JMRCA and FAMAR specs. It’s
light weight too, weighing in at 90 grams. (without film or paint) As
usual, it includes an add-on wing, mounting hardware, decal sheet,
window masks and protective film.

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