New JR Radio

The replacement for the R-1 has been in the works and we’re surprised
by the news of it’s replacement. Dubbed the Z-1 JR’s latest high end
radio uses KO Propo’s awesome Helios radio system but adds what the KO
radio has been missing…a synthesized frequency base. Using JR Racing’s
Module and the new RS310 Synthesized receiver allow you to have access
to all the 75 mHz frequencies in one system.


Adjustable trim Rates

ATV (Adjustable Travel volume)

Three different timers

Memory reset

Model name

Model Copy

Automatic Start

Steering travel

Steering Balance

Steering Curve

Steering Punch

Steering Speed

Throttle Acceleration

Throttle Preset

Throttle High point

Throttle Brake

Throttle Curve

Throttle Punch

Throttle Speed

A.B.S. Active Braking System

Sub trim

9 Model Select

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