Team Orion Pro LCS Black Edition

Team Orion’s Pro Lap Counting System (LCS) is the ultimate tool for
monitoring lap times and ensuring that you are on pace when it comes to
vehicle set-ups, varying track conditions and driving
adjustments. Just lay the Pro LCS somewhere around the track and
every time your vehicle passes by, an infrared beam emitted by the
special transmitter installed in your car will count the lap.
Specific audible tones let you know that your lap has registered, if
you have beaten your predetermined target lap time, or if you have set
your fastest lap up to that point. After the adjustable 1-10
minute run with either a staggered or main event type start is
completed, all laps can be reviewed individually with your best lap and
average lap indicated.
Now available in a bold black anodized finish, the Pro LCS will start shipping to distributors in August 2005.

Also available separately is the Pro LCS Software and data link to help
deliver more from your Pro LCS. The PC-Link and software allows
you to save, log, and graph your lap times on your Windows® laptop just
like full-scale racing teams have done for years.

Practice sessions are now fun, challenging, and fulfilling with the new Pro LCS Black Edition.

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