C11 Limited Re-Release

Champion Machine of 1990 is Back!

on the Mercedes-Benz C9, which won both the 24 Hours of Le Mans
endurance race and the World Sports Prototype Championship (WSPC) in
1989, the Benz C11 featured improved aerodynamics and a carbon
composite monocoque frame holding a rear-mounted 5 liter V8 twin turbo
engine. The Mercedes-Benz C11 had a smash debut season in 1990,
sweeping away the competition in the World Sports Prototype
Championship, winning 7 out of 9 races overall, with 1-2 finishes in 4

Basic Specifications:

Electric R/C assembly kit of the Mercedes-Benz C11, WSPC Champion of
1990. Body is fully finished with markings pre-applied. Overall length:
490mm Overall width: 206mm Height: 110mm Weight: 830g

• Composite frame chassis consists of ABS bathtub mainframe, front and rear space frame and FRP plate on underside.

• Suspension: Front, kingpin coil spring independent. Rear, 3P type with FRP T-bar and CVA oil dampers.

• Front 2-step and rear 3-step adjustable spacers allow for setting change of chassis height.

• Direct drive 2WD transmits motor power directly to spur gear. Ball
diff ensures smooth movement and limited slip effect.

• Comes with sport tuned motor.

58351 Mercedes-Benz C11 Limited Re-Release

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