Corally introduces the 3rd generation of Corally Speed Controllers:
Motor Management System 3. It features super small size (28.0 x 25.0 x
14.4mm) and low weight (18.8g). One of the unique features includes the
Programmable Drive Frequency in 32 throttle steps with 64 different
frequency settings (0.9 – 12kHz) for each throttle step. This enables
the possibility of setting the correct frequency in every aspect to
achieve superb acceleration, powerful mid range and smooth high speed.
Not only does this result in better lap times but also in longer
runtime and extended motor life > Less motor brush burning!

The Corally MMS3 is manufactured by Ko Propo and customized to Corally
specifications. It can therefore be used in combination with the Ko
Propo handheld setting adapter and PC interface to set the above and
many more features including: Neutral brake, brake frequency, BEC
voltage setting (2.5V – 4.0V), throttle response and current limiter.
The MMS3 features a maximum peak current of 3120A (FET specs) and
maximum continuous current of 780A (FET specs). The MMS3 comes complete
with Single Super Shotki Diode and Power-Up Condenser.

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