Mi2 EC – First Pictures

Schumacher are proud to announce the launch of the new Mi2 EC
Competition Touring Car. Following the dominant victory by Teemu Leino
at the recent European Championships earlier this year this car is
designed to be a close as possible replica with some subtle improved
design changes.

The car represents over two years development of the
original Mi2 with small changes in transmission, geometry,
specification and most importantly overall performance that can be
bought by everyone.


• 2mm Aerospace carbon fibre chassis and top deck with optimised flex – new

• Ultra smooth threaded shock absorbers – new

• Twin belt futureproof single pulley transmission – new

• Lightweight purple alloy transmission mounts with non-flanged bearings – new

• Purple alloy ‘Air-flo’ improved stability motor mount – new

• Purple alloy symmetrical layshaft mounts – new

• Improved geometry shock mounts incorporating rear body mount – new

• Lightweight, increased strength and protection foam bumper – new

• Suspension components including vertical ball rear hub, improved front hub and stronger wishbones and yokes – new

• Machined narrow lightweight spur and layshaft pulleys – new

• Hex screws and anti-tweak cone washers – new

• Purple alloy low friction CV driveshafts – new

• Low friction black ball grippa’s – new

• Carbon fibre wishbones

• CNC-machined diff pulley

• Tungsten carbide diff balls and aerospace thrust bearing

• Lightweight front spool with CNC pulley

• Narrow efficient thin black belts

• Purple alloy pivot blocks

• Purple titanium turnbuckles and pivot pins

• Anti roll bars

• Revlite wheels

• Purple alloy M3 and M4 nuts

• Purple alloy gear adaptor

K058 – Schumacher Mi2 European Champion Edition

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