Eagle Racing – CDC Ver.7



Translation :

In the CDC charger development team, the charge method of pulling out the highest specifications vis-a-vis the battery which presently has circulated over long time was researched. It is the system which is born on the basis of the data to which the battery * chestnut May To * control * system climate (temperature) analyzes the influence which change gives to battery charge, obtains there. This system from before the starting the charge, by the fact that the fan and the heater equipped battery holder are connected to the substance, managing at the temperature which is the taste which is set on charger side not only in the midst of charging, warming and/or cooling the battery, we succeeded in doing the ultimate charge which held down internal resistance. The charge possible battery in 4 types of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Lilon and LiPo with charge method of complete correspondence and 10 types to the super professional use is possible from the beginner! As for the large-sized blue LCD, of course, charging and and transmission of electricity quality et cetera at the time of motor break-in, at the graph can verify various data as an oscilloscope.

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