HPI – Porsche Cayenne Turbo

HPI Racing is proud to introduce our 200mm version of the Porsche
Cayenne Turbo SUV. Engineered from the ground up by a joint venture
between Volkswagen and Porsche, the Cayenne Turbo was built to be a
performance luxury SUV like no other. With 450 HP and 457 lb-ft of
torque, the Cayenne is way more than your average SUV. Get a piece of
the action with this true to life replica. The HPI Porsche Cayenne
Turbo ships with a large pre-cut vinyl decal sheet ready for
application. Window lines, headlights, grilles, tail lights, HPI logos
and several other details are on the decal sheet. A set of
polycarbonate light buckets are included for further scale realism. To
make mounting the body simple, an instruction sheet is included and the
body has dimple marks for drill locations. This body will fit perfectly
on body 200mm touring cars and Savage trucks. This body can also be
used on 190mm touring cars when used with our new 6mm offset TE37
wheels (#3845-3847) or HPI Super Size wheels and tires (shown).

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