Yokomo – Water Transfer Carbon Pattern Decal

This is a water-transfer type carbon pattern decal.
Compared to standard decals, this decal is capable of conforming to curved areas, and provides a nice detailed finish.
Decal comes in an A4 size sheet.

??This decal is designed to be used by immersing it in water.

??The flexible characteristic of this decal, allows it to conform to areas that are normally difficult to conform to.

??Usage Instructions??

? Cut out the decal to match the shape of the area being applied.
Cutting out the decal slightly larger than the desired shape is not a
• A thin, pink-colored protective sheet is provided
to allow easier application of the decal. Carefully peel away this
sheet once the decal has been correctly positioned.
? Immerse the decal in luke warm water to loosen the decal from the backing paper.

? Position the decal with the backing paper onto the area to which the
decal is to be applied. Slightly move the decal from the backing paper,
and position the exposed part of the decal to where it is intended to
be applied. Slowly slide the backing paper from underneath, removing it
away from the decal.
? Using a soft dry cloth, or the rounded end of a
rubber spatula, gently burnish the surface of the decal to squeeze out
any air bubbles or water trapped underneath.
• When applying the decal to areas that are difficult
to conform to, such as hood scoops, make small cuts in the decal to
allow the decal to help conform to the sunken areas. Try not to pull on
the decal too tight, as it may cause the decal to tear.
• Before the decal is allowed to dry, use a hobby
knife to gently cut away any excess portion of the decal. Once the
decal has been allowed to dry, removing the decal may be very
? Once the decal has started to settle into place,
slowly remove the protective sheet. (Allow 20-30 minutes for the decal
to start settling into place.) Use a dry towel to gently squeeze out
any remaining water that may be trapped under the decal.
• The protective layer may not be easily visible. Carefully locate an exposed edge, and start peeling from there.

? Leave the decal untouched, and allow adequate time for it to dry. (Leave untouched for at least 2 hours.)

• Time required for the decal to dry and settle may vary, depending on the amount of water used to apply it.

?? Once dried, additional stickers may be applied to the surface of the decal.

• Although stronger that standard water-transfer decals, this decal can
be scratched if subjected to crashes or impacts against hard objects.

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