Penguin R/C TC4 Chassis

Here is your chance to own the most advanced TC4
chassis currently in production. This chassis is an evolution of the
race proven P5500tc3 chassis that dominated the 2004 ROAR region 3
Championships in the hands of Mike Collins taking both Stock and
Modified Classes. The Penguinr/c P5500tc4 retains all of the features
that made the TC3 version a force on the track but also expands upon

Some of the P5500tc4’s advanced
features include Left or Right Servo Mounting Locations, Adjustable
Flex M2.5 Chassis (via side rail posts), Right Side battery slots for
offset battery location, Dual position battery slots (left and right)
for additional balance possibilities, center front body post adaptor,
M2.5 Graphite Corner Braces with Adjustable Camber Link Plates. The
P5500tc4 has several different battery attachment methods which include
use the Stock Battery Brace, Velcro Straps screwed to the chassis
(optional), or strapping tape. The P5500tc4 has a smooth profile
chassis design which keeps the chassis from creating different friction
profiles if it should touch the ground during cornering. This keeps a
low ride height chassis rub from affecting the handling of the car
differently when cornering in opposite directions.

for the P5500tc4 include additional Camber Link Spacer Kit (P5502tc4b)
for an infinate number of roll center possibilities, Chassis Stiffening
Kit (P5504a) which allows fine tuning of chassis flex for different
surfaces, Front and Rear Shock Towers (P5506tc4, P5507tc4 (shown
below)) these towers include different setting for optimum shock
performance, Nerf Wings (P5508) to protect your rear suspension in the
event of impacts, Velcro Battery Strap Kit (P5509a) for easy removal of
batteries, and Graphite Front Bumper Brace (P5714) to increase the
strength of the fornt foam bumper.

in this kit is the following – M2.5 Quasi Grade Graphite Chassis, M2.5
Quasi Grade Graphite SideBraces(x2), M2.5 Quasi Grade Graphite Corner
Braces, M2.5 Quasi Grade Graphite Camber Link Plate Kit, M2.5 Quasi
Grade Graphite Camber Link Spacer Kit, M2.5 Center Body Post Adaptor,
Aluminum Standoffs, Screws, and Directions required for conversion.

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