Advantage Charger With LiPo Capability

Team Orion products are designed from the ground up, by racers for
racers. This philosophy allows us to come out on top against the
strongest competition while at the same time providing the best
equipment for every level of racer and hobbyist. From the track to the
backyard, we take battery charging in any application as seriously as
charging our own World Championship winning V-Max Plus RDS cells. Team
Orion has spent over a year of research and development with our team
of designers, engineers, and our World Championship winning drivers
such as Atsushi Hara, Marc Rheinard, Surikarn, and David Spashett, to
bring you the charger you now see before your eyes.


very popular Advantage Charging system has been updated with a new,
high tech carbon fiber look case with charging function specifically
for LiPo (lithium polymer) battery packs.


· Charge 1 to 8 cells

· 50 to 5400 mAh NiMH and NiCd

batteries at 1 to 10 Amps

· 11 to 15 volts D/C input

· Customizable Linear, Flex and Step charging

· NEW LiPo charge function

· 5 charging memories

· Battery cycling

· Discharge at 1 or 10 amps

· Input and output short circuit


· Attachable battery charging tray

· Full motor run-in feature

· Powers commutator lathes

· Full manual lap counting functions and displays: time elapsed, average lap time and number of laps

· Indigo Blue backlight 2 x 16 characters display

· Customizable user name

· English, German, French and Japanese displays

· Easy to navigate, 4 push button settings

· Choice of 3 different alarm tones or silent function

· Silicone output wires

· Built in Clock

· High tech carbon fiber look case

Source : Team Orion

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