Mi2EC USA Foam Spec

To better suit the needs of US carpet racers
Schumacher will be releasing the World’s First production sedan
optimized for racing on carpet with foam tires! This kit is not just a
rubber car with a thicker chassis and top deck. The Mi2EC USA Foam
Spec has different suspension geometry optimized specifically for foam
tire racing. The Mi2EC USA Foam Spec kit will incorporate a number of
changes developed by US team drivers. These changes have been race
proven with prototypes already generating great results at major races
like the International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas and
significant Regional and local races. The Mi2EC USA Foam Spec will be
the ultimate sedan for carpet racing!

-New 2.5mm Carbon lower chassis with revised hinge pin locations.
-New 2.5mm Carbon super stiff top deck
-New Carbon front and rear shock towers with revised shock and camber link locations
-New Low center of gravity Mi2EC drive train (everything is 2mm lower than on the standard Mi2EC)
-Lower roll centers than the Mi2EC
-New front diff with aerospace T/C thrust bearing
-Stiffer sway bars
-Stiffer front and rear Pro Springs

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