HPI – Drift assist system D-BOX

Flying distance and secret weapon ” D-BOX of angle (D box)”

It just connects to steering wheel servo your drift powerful
assist. The 6.7g changes the world of the drift. In
EP/GP all model enabled. Is built in to the micro device ”
D-BOX ” of the barely 6.7g the yaw control sensor which tail
sliding of the machine precisely catch. Spin is prevented
by the fact that counter steering which is automatically optimum
is applied, even in the drift beginner dynamic drift travelling
becomes possible. From now on we would like to challenge in
the drift, being difficult, it had begun to abandon the
drift. Please try such a one by all means. The gain
control functional attaching which can adjust the counter
quantity according to road surface circumstance and level.
It corresponds to each company servo.

Size: 22.2×22.8×8.9mm
Weight: 6.7g
Operating voltage: DC4.8V-6.0V

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