New Xray Touring Car – FK`06 ??

After some strong rumors during the last few
weeks it has now been confirmed that there is indeed a new competition
electric touring car coming soon from Xray. As almost per tradition
there are no pictures or official press statement which so far been
released by Xray themselves.

first hints came from various sources a few weeks ago and now it seems
the project has advanced enough for a prototype to be used at last
weekends Team Orion Speed Weekend meeting in Germany. It appears that
the prototype was used by Martin Hudy in Rheinberg whereas the other
Xray drivers run FK’05.

to reports coming from the race the car was well hidden but it would
appear that the new car will look fairly similar to the latest
belt-drive offerings from other manufacturers. Where the FK’05 was
still very much a refinement of previous Xray’s sharing many parts with
the older cars it looks like the upcoming car will be a much larger
step with almost no parts carried over.

Here’s a sketchy list of details as seen by those with inside info:

– same basic layout but with new chassis with changed weight distribution
– lowered upper deck and new bulkheads for easy access to drivetrain
– new adjustable upper deck
– completely new front & rear suspension
– wheels fastened with nuts instead of screws probably indicating smaller wheel bearings
– no information on this but one would assume new dampers

to some unconfirmed reports the new car could be released very soon and
knowing Xray’s part this would not be surprising.

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