Yokomo – Dec – New Product


The ready-to-drift (RTD) DRIFT RACER chassis set features a factory
pre-assembled chassis with radio electronics pre-installed. The DRIFT RACER is
designed as a component of a set to allow easier customization. Both the body
shell and wheels (with pre-mounted tires) are not included. To complete the set,
purchase separately the body shell and wheels (with pre-mounted tires) of your
liking. (Pre-painted, pre-finished bodies are scheduled for release soon.)

??Drift Specific SD CMS Pre-Assembled Chassis
??AM27MHz Radio Set (01 – 12
Narrow Band)
??Speed Controller SCR-6712 (12T Compatible)
1400mAh NiCd Battery
??AC100V Quick Charger AC72EXII(with Safety Timer)

Specifications of the included CMS chassis differ slightly from the one
included in the DRIFT PACKAGE unassembled kit. Front and rear spools (solid
axle) replace the differentials to enhance performance, and smooth-action
friction dampers are used to reduce maintenance and adjustability for easier
use. The entire line-up of option parts for the DRIFT PACKAGE are available for
the user looking to upgrade.

Body shell, wheels (with pre-mounted tires), 8 AA-size batteries (for
transmitter) all sold separately.

HKS Hiper Silvia Pre-Finished Body Set

Unprecedented!! This body set comes pre-painted, pre-decaled, and pre-cut
with body mount holes already drilled.

YZ-110PRO Competition Charger & Discharger

Features such as the ability to break-in electric motors and operate
commutator lathes distinguishes the YZ-110PRO as the racer’s choice among
The large LCD screen shows 8 lines of data and 21 characters per
line. More information can be viewed without scrolling – making menus easy to
use and messages easy to read.
With its uncomplicated menus and simple
pushbutton and dial operation, the YZ-110PRO makes an enormous variety of
functions easy to use.
Temperature sensor included.

?? Purpose: Charger/Discharger/Cycler for R/C vehicle batteries
?? Input
Voltage: DC12V
?? Battery types, # of cells: 1-10 Nickel -Cadnium &
Nickel-Metal Hydride cells (1.2-12.0V), 1-4 Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer cells
?? Battery capacity range: 100-9900mAh
?? Charge current:
0.1-8.0A (1C max for Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries)1C=value equivalent to battery
?? Discharge current: 0.1-10.0A
?? Peak sensitivity: 0-25mV
Motor break-in: 1.0-8.0V selectable(1-120 minutes)10A constant
?? Case size:
140x45x150mm (External items not included)
?? Weight 605g (Removable leads
not included)

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