Tamiya – TRF 415 4mm Chassis

TRF 415 4mm Chassis – Fits 415, 415MS/MSX/Refined 2
Tamiya America
introduces a Tamiya USA exclusive for the TRF 415 series race car!

First seen at the 2005 IIC (International Indoor
Championships) race event in Las Vegas Nevada,
this 4MM thick chassis was used by TRF driver Marc Rheinard to win his first ever
major carpet race on foam tires. This 4mm chassis proved to be a great
supplement to the already proven track record performances of the TRF 415
series high performance race cars. Carpet racing has proven to be a favorite
staple amongst R/C racing enthusiasts in some parts of the USA
and the high grip conditions that carpet delivers demands for the stiffest
possible chassis available. Tamiya USA
is proud to deliver this new option part to give our racing customers the
necessary tools to outperform the competition.

This item is only available exclusively for sale at

Main Features

  • 4mm thick carbon chassis for high traction surfaces
  • Bulk head, suspension blocks, servo stays and motor area machined to maintain original suspension geometry
  • Extra narrow profile for increased roll clearance
  • Battery moved back 1.5mm for sharper response
  • Compatible with standard and lightweight suspension arms
  • Compatible with 415 (58320), 415MS (49349), 415MSX refined 2 (49381)

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