Cyclone Hara And Surikarn Editions

Rumors surfacing during the weekend indicate that Hot Bodies will
release two new versions of their popular and successful Cyclone
touring car early in 2006. According to the reports there is going to
be two versions, the Atsushi Hara limited edition version will come
with all aluminium parts anodized purple while Surikarn’s version will
feature blue anodized parts.

These limited edition version are also supposed to include further new and updated parts.


– aluminium parts will be blue or purple from black
– 2.5mm updated main chassis
– 3.5mm front shock tower
– 3.5mm rear shock tower
– aluminium differential outdrives
– front solid axle (spool) included
– aluminum servo mounts
– updated upper bulkhead
– updated middle right bulkhead
– center direct drive shaft included
– 16t center pulley included (x2)
– new 39t pulley (narrow type)
– aluminium spring mounts

Due to be released sometime in January 2006. A peak at what the Surikarn edition could look like…

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